Canine Boarding Pricing

Starting June 1, 2019, Columbiana Road Pet Wellness Center will have an updated Canine Boarding Pricing Schedule as follows:

Canine Standard Boarding

Up to 25 lbs: $22/night

25-50 lbs: $24/night

51-100 lbs: $28/night

Canine Luxury Suites

Large Suite: $40/night

Small Suite with a window: $34/night

Small Suite without a window: $32/night

*Additional pets in the same suite:

Up to 25 lbs: $23/night

25-50 lbs: $25/night

51-100 lbs: $27/night

Over 100 lbs: $29/night

NOTE: Any pets that arrive for boarding prior to June 1st will be charged the current boarding prices even if they board past the June 1st date. 

Effective immediately, we are now requiring the canine flu vaccine for all dogs coming to our facility for any reason. Learn More About Canine Flu.

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